French Cheese Safes

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Food safes were once an essential part of every kitchen, prior to the advent of refrigeration. They could be freestanding and would be found outside under shelter such as on the back porch or, more conveniently, attached to the outside wall of the house and accessible via an internal cupboard door. The sides were either perforated with tiny holes or made from strong, fine grade wire mesh which allowed for ventilation and at the same time, kept the bugs and rodents away. Even though refrigeration revolutionized food storage there are some foods which do not respond well to being stored in this way. Cheese is one of these foods and so, for those who are passionate about storing their cheese in the optimum way, a small portable cheese safe is the answer. It allows the cheese to breathe and at the same time keeps insects at bay. Use of them varies depending on the climate. In non humid climates it is possible to store cheese all the time in the safe, however in more temperate or humid environments you can store hard cheeses for several days to aid maturation. Soft cheeses can be transferred from the fridge to ripen for several hours before eating. The idea is of course is that you should purchase cheese only when required and eat it quite quickly, as the French do. Made in France from natural, untreated white woods such as pine or birch. Each cupboard has wooden shelves. In the larger ones the shelves are slatted.


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