Beldi Wine Glasses - 6 sizes

BEFAR5  Aperitif   85 ml  Box 12   Perfect for sherry, or small desserts
BEFAR7  Wine Small  200 ml  Box 12
BEFAR9  Wine Large 250 ml  Box 12  OUT OF STOCK - DUE LATE MARCH 2018
BEFAR12 Champagne or beer 350 ml Box 12  OUT OF STOCK - DUE LATE MARCH 2018
NEW! also great for Champagne or cocktails
BEFARP10 Slim 150ml Box 12 - 
BEFARP12 Slim 200ml Box 12 

NEW in Green
BEFAR9G Wine Large GREEN  250ml Box 12
BEFAR12 Champagne or Beer GREEN 350ml box 12 

More details

Recently the very last glass factory in Morocco still making hand-blown glasses, was saved from permanent closure.. Sixty skilled artisans now continue to make these simple, traditional tea glasses and bowls.
Made from recycled glass, the green ones from wine bottles, Beldi glasses are dishwasher safe on glass setting.
Use Beldi glasses for wine, water, tea, coffee or to serve sweet or savoury dishes